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Flytographer Review

Flytographer Review

While in Lake Louise we booked with Flytographer for a photo shoot in Lake Louise, Canada. read my review below;

Having family photos is an absolute essential part of your vacation, but we find that my husband is missing from most of them as he is the one who like to be behind the camera.. Most of the time we ask a stranger to take a family picture who then chops off one of our head, body or just snaps a blurry mess. 

 Flytograher in Lake Louise

Flytograher in Lake Louise

On a trip a few years ago to New York, we had researched and booked a family photographer to take our family photos together in Central park. I have these hanging in our house and treasure then dearly, but with an extra addition to the family now, I wanted to update the family portraits.

So, I tried to do the same by researching photographers and start contacting them.  It took ages to get responses and most photographers were booked out well in advance. It seemed a little bit of a hassle to find anyone available, I had contacted 4 photographers with no luck, so I gave up. 

Then by chance, or some clever Facebook marketing, a Flytographer ad popped up in my Facebook newsfeed. I clicked on the link and saw the "choose a photographer, we'll do the rest". I knew it was probably not going to be possible because of my previous attempts to find someone available, and the short timeframe in which we needed to secure a photographer, but I clicked on the location of Lake Louise in Canada and started looking at the profiles. 

Lindsay' bio sounded great and her pictures were beautiful so I selected her and filled out the rest of the information to enquire and waited. Shortly after, I checked my emails and found some correspondence already there letting me know Lyndsay was available! I was suprised, but also really happy that i was able to get our photo shoot done in just a few days time. The communication from Flytographer from the start was very quick and filled with clear information about the process, payments, where to meet, our photographers contact details and  what we should expect from the shoot. 

We met Lyndsay in the lobby of our hotel and she was so lovely and kept us at ease through our photoshoot. We had booked the 60min photoshoot and it just went so quickly.  She gave us great direction and we all had a great time.

2 days later we received an email with a link to an online gallery of 42 images and a link to download our photos. I was so happy with how quick we got them back and with how they turned out. Lake Louise is such a beautiful location and it was so special to capture our family enjoying our vacation here.  

I'm so happy with the ease of booking, the exceptional communication with Flytographer and of course the beautiful memories captured by our photographer Lyndsay that i would definitely use this service again.  

Thanks Lindsay and Flytography for our lovely family pictures that I will treasure forever. 

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